Fact v.s. Fiction: a Look at the 54th Regiment

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Colonel Robert Gould Shaw was a man of great character this could bee seen in both his letters home and also in the movie Glory which shows the 54th regiments story. In Glory there is more of a focus on the men of the 54th instead of Robert Shaw’s life before he became a Colonel. There are quite a few differences between the two despite the movie’s accuracy. For instance in the movie they make it appear that Robert is a only child when in fact he is the middle child of four other sisters. He also gets married right before he has to go back to Boston to begin call of duty, to his sister’s friend Anna( there is no mention of a wife in the movie Glory).
In the movie one major difference At first he declines the offer of commanding the 54th regiment. The funny part is the only reason he really accepted the offer some say was because his mom made him. He was not oppsed to anti- slavery but he did not see the point in the Proclamation of Emancipation for it did not free all slaves. Also in his opinion it only made the war worse as it made the south retaliate in their own proclamation. Which stated that they “would hang every prisoner they took”. In Glory there was not much detail given about his full opinion of the civil war, and why he was fighting in it.
Also in Glory there was no really detail of why men were enlisted both Colonel Shaw Major Copeland (a fellow General) wanted to enlist men form the North; who had already fought for their freedom instead of contraband soldiers like the one’s that they met in Darien, Georgia( for more information click here). I thought this to be interesting because in the movie the two groups are polar opposites. Further more one detail I thought was interesting was the soldier’s pay in the 54th regiment that it was in fact six dollars less than that of a white Union solider making it a total of seven dollars pay. Almost half the amount of a white Union solider; took another three dollars for clothing which should have been included). These were some of the major differences that I found between history and Glory

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